The TacDogs program is designed to enhance any police K-9 team’s performance.  It was developed from REAL deployment experience, and not THEORY.  The TacDogs program has been vetted and tested by hundreds of combined years from police K-9 handlers.  Let us show you what works for us!

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About Us

TacDogs is the only K-9 training program in the country that has a step-by-step program. The 10 disciplines of the program are specific for the greenest of handlers and/or K-9’s to the most experienced.  This program was developed from real life experiences, not theory.  This program has proven to enhance K-9 deployment capabilities, overall team safety, and reduced liability.

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Click here to register for a TacDogs seminar.

The TacDogs seminar are designed for 3 days, 24 training hours.  Day 1, is the lecture and presentation of the program, possibly an evaluation of the attending dog teams, and field training over the beginning of the program.  Day 2, is training in a building and/or field over the program.  Day 3, is on a range with live fire implementing the learned skills.

You can attend an existing scheduled seminar or host one in your area.   All seminars are open to law enforcement, military, and emergency responders that would benefit from the training, with or without a dog.  Credentials or verification required.

How do you attend an existing seminar?  Email Leslie Titus at TacDogs@gmail.com for a list of upcoming seminars.  Then return to this page and register.  Payments can be accepted by check or credit card. 

How do you host a seminar in your area?  Hosting a seminar is easy.  You elect to be the hosting agency, make sure venues for each day are secured, establish a host hotel if necessary, and supply as few basic equipment needs.  The benefit?  The host can invite attendees to Day 1 for free.  The host will also be asked to help circulate the word to get dog teams to register.  There are minimum/maximum requirements for the number of attending dog teams to hold a seminar.  

Seminars that are “open” for anyone to attend are $550 per dog team.  Attendees wanting to observe, no dog, are welcome for $100/day. 

What is a “closed” registration?  This is a seminar that is hosted by an agency that wants to pay one price, and fill the seminar with selected attendees.  The price will vary based on number of attendees, location of the seminar, and selected dates.

Email Leslie Titus at TacDogs@gmail.com for existing seminars to attend, or to get more specifics on how to host an “open” or “closed” seminar in your area.

Click here to register for a TacDogs Seminar.



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Contact Us

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